Atheism and rationalism

For many of us atheism is not simply the rejection of belief in imaginary gods, devils, angels, spirits, along with heaven and hell, but the product of rationalist thought that came with what is commonly called the Enlightenment.

The time prior to this was dominated by the belief that “Truth is that which is said to be true”, especially by ordained, august “authorities”, and the more people that proclaim a truth the more true it becomes, until it shines with some sacred aura of absoluteness, whose denial may then be cast as a sin or crime against society.

With the Enlightenment came the idea of the Real World that “goes of its own accord”, and a rationalist idea that “Truth is that which you can demonstrate or, at best, prove to be true”, and if this is not possible then your Truth is merely a speculation or imagination of the mind, with no clear existence in the Real World around us.

It is this idea that underpins modern science and enables the creation of a common body of knowledge, that anyone can show to be true for themselves, and be secure in its application, so that your cars, airplanes, computers, phones, etc, work, and buildings, bridges, tunnels, etc, do not collapse, and can be constructed by anybody. 

And that is why at conferences about science and medicine, attended by people of different cultures, languages and religions, there is only one science and mathematics they all refer to.

This kind of rationalism is in fact the only body of knowledge and reasoning that unites everybody on our planet.

Tenets of atheism

Gods exist only in the minds of people.

Gods do not exist outside the mind and cranium of people – just as Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, Hobbits, do not exist outside the minds of people.

There has never been any evidence of any kind produced to show that gods exist. The most common “evidence” given is some variation of the idea that “God must exist”, but that is sophistry and not evidence.

People believe in gods only because they are born weak, helpless, with an empty mind, no prior knowledge, and they blindly copy the language, beliefs, customs and prejudices of their family, friends and society because they have no other choice.

If the concept of God was not mentioned or indoctrinated into the minds of children, they would not invent it.

Atheism is an indictment of the ignorant arrogance that allows helpless children to be indoctrinated with unproven ideas of imaginary beings they have no way of judging as real, that will deny them any free will, give them an identity which is essentially a prison, and keep them in a partial state of childhood all their lives.

If you still believe in God you have not yet found childhoods end.

If we do not take care of each other then no one else will.